Strong support Delphi development environment!
Significantly increases development efficiency.
Strong components from Japan!

Delphi is a native development environment for Windows 10, Mac, mobile, IoT-friendly development. Multimedia device applications can connect to a variety of systems and devices that can be built. Other tools and won’t attract high development efficiency by using various standard components particularly faster and more sophisticated object-oriented. However, parts commonly used GRID and input field is not completed, was hard to improve development productivity. What can help to dramatically improve the productivity of Delphi users, by providing innovative components for both input regions in our time, and sure.


Tools no matter how excellent are developing applications for many years and I want frustration and improvement, can occur. Fortunately Delphi can use highly sophisticated components in Object Pascal. SuperEDIT, standard input system components in Delphi significantly improvement and extension is a component set was developed to enhance development efficiency. SuperEdit


SuperGRID components are shipped first edition in 2000, dramatically increasing developer productivity, and so far he has worked with several of Delphi version. As a public rate classification system was developed for a major convenience store during this time, further refined, adopted by numerous mission-critical system development component has grown. SuperGrid